ACF campaign is featured in MediaWeek’s Ad Placement of the Month

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Mediaweek’s Ad Placement of the Month examines submissions of creative and clever placements over the past few weeks.

June has seen agencies use a diverse array of channels – from OOH to fun activations and thought-provoking campaigns – to get the word out about their client’s projects and products.


Spinach – Demolition of Icons for the Australian Conservation Foundation

Rounding out the top three is Demolition of icons for the Australian Conservation Foundation by Spinach

Spinach chief creative officer Frank Morabito said: “This campaign aims to highlight the magnitude of threatened species habitat destruction with unforgettably graphic visual statements. We aim to raise questions and get Australians to recognise that we have a nature destruction problem. Why are we horrified to see the destruction of the Opera House, yet we’re unconcerned about doing the same to forests and woodland? This is an important cause and one we’re proud to have worked with ACF to raise.”


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