Spinach partners with campaign management platform TEER

Integrated Melbourne agency Spinach has joined forces with Australian start-up TEER, a campaign management platform designed to assist media agencies in optimising communication with media companies. Usman Khan, TEER founder and CEO, said Spinach is the test agency for TEER 2.0. “We are focussed on driving cross-organisational collaboration for the advertising community,” Khan said. “We’re […]

ACF campaign is featured in MediaWeek’s Ad Placement of the Month

Media week's ad placement of the month for ACF

Mediaweek’s Ad Placement of the Month examines submissions of creative and clever placements over the past few weeks. June has seen agencies use a diverse array of channels – from OOH to fun activations and thought-provoking campaigns – to get the word out about their client’s projects and products. Spinach – Demolition of Icons for […]

We’re excited to welcome Digital Balance to the Spinach Group

Digital Balance Announcement

Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Digital Balance, a leading digital analytics and optimisation consultancy. In an increasingly complex data landscape Digital Balance helps brands unlock the value of their data and drive deeper customer engagement and business growth. Digital Balance provides a range of services including support and training across MarTech enablement […]

Why retailers and streamers are a match made in heaven

2 hands making love heart

Late last year, Wesfarmers – the folks behind Bunnings, Kmart, Officeworks, Catch and Target – announced it had done a deal with Disney for a subscription bundle combining Disney+ and OnePass. OnePass is a membership program that gives customers free delivery and deals across the Wesfarmers brands. Usually, it’s $4 a month. Combined with Disney, which gives you […]

Paramount/Ten to go at AFL ‘like an 18yo in an all-you-can-drink bar’

Girl at party with drink poured into mouth

Early on Wednesday morning, The Age reported that a joint bid by Network Ten and its parent company, Paramount will be for ‘everything’ as global streaming bosses have congregated in New York for meetings with AFL executives. The bid for the rights, beginning in 2025 has seen Paramount enter the fold, as well as Amazon, which is […]

The Olympics on Amazon Prime in Australia? Preposterous

Athletes lining up at track starting line

Anti-siphoning laws or not, the Olympics has no place on Amazon Prime. Allowing the streamer to take on the rights would be disastrous for the event, athletes, brands and Aussie kids says Ben Willee. The International Olympics Committee (IOC) would be mad, mad and mad to give the Olympics to Amazon Prime exclusively in Australia, […]

What retailers can learn from the Bunnings data breach

Bunnings Warehouse store front

As more and more retailers look to personalise their offerings, data is increasingly becoming the backbone of business operations. From customer details to purchase history, this information is gold for businesses in just about every category and can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. But with all this data comes a heightened level […]

Big tech is going after sports rights in the US. Will we be next?

Character made out of Amazon boxes kicking a football

Amazon has made a play for NFL rights adding to its growing collection of international sports. Could Aussie codes be next in the tech giant’s sights and are fans going to make the jump from free-to-air to watch? Ben Willee explores the question. There are two inarguable facts in this world: We’re a bona fide […]