What Facebook pulling news content in Australia means for advertisers

Illustration Facebook thumbs down dislike button

In Australia, Facebook has gone nuclear in response to the government’s News Media Bargaining Code. Spinach’s Ben Willee on what all this means for advertisers. For the past 10 months, Australian media owners have been holding their breath as the government went into battle with the tech giants over the use of the news content […]

Who saw this coming? Netflix goes linear

iPhone showing Netflix app surrounded by popcorn

Netflix continues its track record of challenging the status quo by dabbling in linear TV. But what does this say about the good old linear model? Key points: My Takeout: Mixing wines may be a mistake, but old and new wisdom mix admirably. At least, that’s the message Netflix is sending with its foray into […]

Media v Tech giants. It’s game on.

2 men arm wrestling

Ben Willee, our General Manager and Media Director, returns to mic on the ‘Fear and Greed’ business podcast with Sean Aylmer. Tune in to hear Ben explain his take on the ongoing battle between media companies and tech giants, why Cricket Australia is padding up against Nine and Seven over broadcast rights, plus Ben’s quick […]

Preparing for a cookie-less world

Cookie monster looking confused about cookies

Is the cookiepocalypse coming and if so, what do you need to do to get ready? Spinach’s Richard Taylor has a plan. We’ve been talking about the end of third-party cookies for quite some time. We knew this was coming but what we didn’t know was exactly when it would happen. In January, Google ended […]