Unmade podcast. Ben Willee discusses the short and long-term media outlook

Computer shouting media messages

This week’s Unmade podcast features Ben Willee, GM and media director of Spinach Advertising.

The interview, with Unmade’s Tim Burrowes, focuses on the short term and long term media outlook (Without predicting a recession, Willee is considering for the eventuality); he offers his interpretation of the first results from reporting season; and he assesses the importance of The Olympics in Nine’s strategy.

Willee also suggests that some of those who’ve got used to flitting between jobs in a tight talent market might be about to get a painful surprise. And like all of us, he wishes there were more LinkedIn thought pieces on what ChatGPT means for marketing.

Listen to the podcast here:

Ben Willee

Over a 20-year career Ben has worked in some of the biggest media agencies in the UK and Australia. As General Manager and Media Director, Ben optimises our fully integrated, no silo approach.