Spinach and guests attend motivating Business Chicks breakfast with Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson speaks on stage

This month, Spinach hosted clients and guests at the Business Chicks Breakfast, a long-awaited networking event, the first in some time due to Covid.

Spinach clients and guests from Transurban, Juno Labs, Home Buyers Centre and Viva Energy came together to hear from journalist and TV presenter Lisa Wilkinson as she celebrated the launch of her new book “It wasn’t meant to be like this”.

The room was jam-packed with around 1000 enthusiastic women who listened to Lisa speak with incredible passion about her life sharing stories that spanned the humorous, the sad, the confronting and the inspirational.

She referred to her favourite Sidney Poitier quote – “If the dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”, in the context of her life’s great lessons.

An inspirational voice for issues facing women today, Lisa spoke about her passion to help “women support women” to fight the gender pay gap, the online trolling which, in her words, is a result of “building up women just to cut them down”, our country’s appalling domestic violence problem, and gave a spine-tingling perspective on the moment that changed her life … the Brittany Higgins phone call and subsequent fallout.

Lisa spoke with emotion about the loss of her parents, and the role her husband Peter played (or didn’t play!) in the development of her book.

She touched on some of the things we were unsure she’d cover – her departure from Nine, her relationship with those involved at the time, and the media backlash she experienced, and still experiences as a result.

Lisa was patient and kind enough to stay back and have ‘selfies’ with her fans under the biggest ring light we’ve ever seen. Not sure how long it would have taken to get through the line that snaked from one end of the venue to the other!

All in all, it was a highly inspirational morning and we all came away with our own favourite quotes and moments with one fabulous lady commenting, “Don’t forget Lisa’s advice to not to be so hard on ourselves and to ‘eat the delicious food’!”

Spinach clients and guests enjoy Lisa Wilkinson at Business Chicks event

Image credit: Images supplied by Business Chicks

Nicole Miranda

Nicole has over 20 years of agency and client-side marketing experience across many of Australia’s most popular retail brands. As Director of Client Services, Nicole is passionate about ‘getting in the trenches’ with clients and finding opportunities to help their brands grow stronger.