Spinach Unveils Reinvention Campaign For Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

South Metro Cemetery Trust Lake

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Spinach has revealed its first work for Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) following the agency’s appointment in 2019.

The ‘end of life’ category is currently undergoing significant transformation in response to changes to population growth, demand for services and the evolving needs of the diverse Victorian population.

Targeting over 50s, a demographic that makes up only 27 per cent of the population but controls 50 per cent of private wealth and 46 per cent of disposable income, SMCT’s audience is characterised by Baby Boomers. This cohort has spent a lifetime challenging the status quo and is reinventing their lives in ways large and small. SMCT has proactively responded to this by repositioning the organisation to meet these changing needs.

With a social change perspective, the work looks to reframe the role of cemeteries and emotional relationships with them; from the traditional, ‘sombre’ view of cemeteries as places for those who have passed, to ‘warm and welcoming’ memorial parks where people can continue to connect in various ways with those they’ve loved.

SMCT Director of Strategy and Communication Niloo Amendra said: “This work is a reinvention of the way we communicate about our organisation, challenging the assumptions of how our community interacts with the category. We’re delighted with the work Spinach has produced and look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Spinach ECD Frank Morabito said: “Most people think cemeteries are gloomy and depressing. This campaign, through unexpected and deeply personal stories, encourages people to view cemeteries as comforting and supportive places. It demonstrates how having a special place to honour and celebrate life can transform our relationship with loved ones we have lost from one of presence to remembrance.”

In late 2019, Spinach was selected by SMCT in an open tender to manage creative, media, digital, data as well as brand identity development and business transformation.

The agency was chosen based on its ability to go beyond marketing communications services and act as a whole-of-business transformation partner helping SMCT to fulfil its vision of changing the traditional orientation of cemeteries by focusing on supporting the living.


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