Spinach appoints Mat Beyer as senior digital media specialist

Mat Beyer joins Spinach

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Full-service advertising agency Spinach has appointed Mat Beyer to the role of senior digital media specialist.

Beyer has come from a long background of IT and digital marketing, joining Spinach after spending the past two years as head of digital marketing and development at Pragmatic Education Group.

As Spinach aims to expand on its “mass personalisation, full-service offering”, Beyer will be responsible for guiding clients through the relationship between digital and creative.

General manager and media director for Spinach, Ben Willee, said in a statement: “We’re delighted to have Mat on board. He’s got loads of experience and a curiosity for delivering improvements for clients.”

Of his appointment, Beyer said: “I am really excited to join the team at Spinach. The agency’s full-service capabilities, wrapped up with a focus on mass personalisation, blends well with my background in development, automation and AI.”


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