Our predictions about mass personalisation in 2018

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In 2018, mass personalisation is going to come into its own. This year, many advertisers have been busy getting their tech stacks in place while wrestling with segmenting audiences and using data to create specific campaigns for very specific audiences.

Just as 80% of the work in any data analysis is data preparation, same goes for becoming data-driven and integrating your data to meet the needs of your company as a whole.

You could say this has been the “pain” phase. Many advertisers have now gone through the pain and next year will start to see the gain.

We can all see utopia – the future where we will have automated systems with robust audiences and be able to do really cool stuff. I predict that after all this setup and testing, it’s time to rock and roll. Next year, those tech stacks are going to start to really hum.

Ben Willee

Over a 20-year career Ben has worked in some of the biggest media agencies in the UK and Australia. As General Manager and Media Director, Ben optimises our fully integrated, no silo approach.