Creative agency predictions 2020: Creativity wins, purpose and the evolution of technology

2020 predictions

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As the year and decade draw to a close and we enter the roaring twenties, the power of creativity has never been more important.

2019 was the year of purpose and activism with creativity becoming a driving force for good.

The work which won big at Cannes Lions was overwhelmingly focussed on social good, with brands using their voice to stand for a cause beyond their own business.

Whether it be the climate emergency the world is facing, taking a stand for democracy, feeding starving children or championing diversity, the creative industry has used its talent to create change.

WPP AUNZ interim CEO John Steedman took on the anonymous trolls and PwC’s Nicky Bryson joined forces with Youngbloods to help mentor the industry’s young people with the launch of The Trenches.

This year also saw the industry try to find its feet following the WPP mergers of 2018 – some working out better than others.

We were introduced to WPP AUNZ’s new CEO Jens Monsees who joined the holding company from BMW Group in Germany and saw a string of executives come and go across adland.

The year also saw some more mergers including BMF and Naked CommunicationsSwitched On and AKQAWith Collective and Isobar and redundancies across the networks including one-year old GrowthOps.

It was also a big milestone for many including Saatchi & Saatchi and AWARD who both celebrated 40 years.

Weeks away from the 2020, we asked creative leaders to share what they predict 2020 will hold for the industry.

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Spinach CEO Craig Flanders

2020 will be a very tough year for anyone trying to get your average Aussie to part with money. They want to pay less for the same stuff they bought a year or two ago, and want to spend less time figuring it out – “you should know, I bought from you before!”. So we all need to give them the stuff they intuitively want, in an easier to find/acquire (or delivered) package faster than they could get it last year. And at the same time, making more margin to keep our shareholders at bay. Easy right? Well, yes it is if you’ve been planting the seeds to provide you marketing strategy with the ability to “mass personalise”.

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Craig Flanders

A passionate advocate for the strength of full integration shaped by 25 years in advertising where he’s held a number of senior management roles, Craig oversees all aspects of our integrated offer.