Ben Willee on Mumbrellacast talks about life in a full service agency

Mumbrellacast feat. Ben Willee

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Read the original article here: Mumbrellacast: Bill Shorten takes on News Corp, Rugby AU’s brand post Folau, and Spinach’s Ben Willee

This week on the Mumbrellacast, Bill Shorten has taken aim at The Daily Telegraph, and the team discusses whether this is bold, brave or just plain silly. Also on the topic of News Corp, its joint venture with Nine, Your Money, has officially come to a complete end three weeks after Mumbrellacast discussed the closure of its online platform.

The team also ponders if Rugby Australia’s brand will recover from the Israel Folau saga, and where sporting leagues should draw the line with players’ behaviour to protect their brands.

Plus, general manager of Spinach, Ben Willee, also joins us to chat about the workings of a full-service agency and coping with the drought in ad spend (Skip to 22:53 to hear Ben speak).




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