Spinach wins Office Choice’s digital media account

Office Choice: Consider it sorted

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Office Choice appoints Spinach to handle data and digital media

Franchise office supplies business Office Choice has appointed Melbourne full service agency Spinach to handle its digital media in addition to a large-scale business-wide data project.

The 100% Australian owned and operated independent group of local retailers called on Spinach to review the performance of its digital assets across the entire franchise network which spans more than 118 websites. Spinach will now work with Office Choice to centralise its data and implement a unified reporting platform. Once complete, the agency will help the business to turn this data into actionable insights through customer journey mapping.

Cameron Osborne, National Marketing Manager, said: “Through a test campaign, Spinach has already demonstrated that its machine learning capabilities drive excellent results while reducing cost per acquisition. We’re delighted to be working with the team and look forward to seeing the continued impact their work will have on the business.”

Ben Willee, General Manager and Media Director at Spinach, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Office Choice to deliver results using our tried and tested combination of creativity, strategy and data. Our initial test campaign has highlighted multiple opportunities to drive purchase and we can’t wait to get stuck into doing just that.”


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