Any Ordinary Day

Earlier this month, we hosted our clients Liquorland, Transurban and Homyped at the Business Chicks breakfast which featured Leigh Sales discussing her book, Any Ordinary Day.

Sales is well known for her political and current affairs reporting on the ABC 7.30 Report and, with a job as confronting as hers, she clearly has an amazing ability to compartmentalise real life and the often traumatic stories she reports.

It wasn’t until a life or death moment in her own life followed by two harrowing news stories within days of each other – the death of cricketer Dave Hughes and the Lindt Café siege that resulted in the deaths of Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson – that the found herself overwhelmed by the fragility of life.

Sales decided to confront her own fears and dive head first into answering the question,

“How do people cope and move forward when their very worst fears have become a reality?”

Beyond the astounding stories of humans resilience and hope such as Stuart Diver and Walter Mikac who both appear in the book, Sales delved into how the brain responds differently to varying levels of fear and disaster. She asked us all, why are we more fearful of a plane crashing than the commute to the airport when the latter is actually much more likely to end in a fatality?

The content for a 7am start over orange juice and eggs benedict was confronting, thought-provoking and sometimes too real however the overriding theme was one of the human spirit, strength and kindness; a reminder that life can change in the blink of an eye and we should make the most of every moment.

And most of all that Leigh Sales is a goddess.

Rebecca Sargeant

Starting her career at Zenith Media before moving overseas to work at EMI Records then Universal McCann, Bec has a passion for investment with a focus on trading.