Four simple questions can change everything.

You may have already read it elsewhere on this site, but one more time for emphasis, technology has changed the game.

Today, nothing remains static for long. People change, attitudes change, ideas change. And everything is evolving at accelerated pace. It’s never been more difficult for brands and advertisers to keep up.

So cumbersome strategic processes just won’t cut it.

At Spinach, our strategic process begins by asking four simple, probing questions.

Yes, we do all the classic brand strategy stuff but, as our clients will tell you, we get to the heart of a problem quickly and resourcefully.

We have a bias towards action that turns strategic thinking into actionable marketing and communication strategies.

Diagram of 4 Questions
You don’t expect us to reveal the real questions here? But give us a call or send an email and we’ll share them with you.

consentric thinkingTM

No, that’s not a typo above and yes, we have put a trademark on it.

We use Consentric ThinkingTM to create a seamless brand experience across all communication touchpoints.

It places the consumer at the centre of our thinking and uses data to explore what matters most to them – their preferences, their needs, their loves.

Consentric ThinkingTM helps weave raw data into something human.

Technology has changed the way consumers interact with brands. This constant interaction provides a huge amount of data. But how to harness it? How to determine what’s relevant and valuable? How do you create a healthy data culture?

We created Consentric ThinkingTM as a staged approach to help demystify and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources.

It provides a deeper and broader understanding of consumer behaviour, more meaningful consumer segmentation, genuine channel agnostic thinking and improved ROI through more efficient marketing.

Now that’s worth a trademark.

strategic capabilities

  • Brand identity strategy
  • Brand positioning and key message construction
  • Both qualitative and quantitative research planning management and analysis
  • Brand portfolio planning and architecture
  • Deep dive market/situational analysis, market mapping and gap analysis
  • Data informed integrated connections planning including insights analytics

We’re a team of passionate problem solvers. We love coming up with solutions that help make our clients stronger. If you’d like to know how we can help, just hit the button.